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Mrs. Mantell's Kindergarten Enrichment Class
Learning the Early Childhood Way
Stretch Out Words using Turtle Talk!
When writing, we need to hear the sounds in the word we are writing so that we can determine which letters spell the word.

Turtle Talk...or...Stretching the Word is the best way to do this!

Say the word as slowly as a turtle moves!  Listen to each sound as you say it slowly and drag out each sound.  Say them smoothly, not choppy! 

                       bring:   b-rrrr-iiii-nnnn-g

Or if you, like us, are familiar with the infamous "King of -ing", try this:

                             bring:  b-rrrr-ing

We hear the b-sound, the r-sound, and either each of the three final sounds, or the combined "ing" sound at the end of the word!